Saturday, June 27, 2009

The One

Insecurity is not the blanket that keeps me warm at night.
It was more like infidelity that I found myself cuddling with because
I was cheating...cheating myself out of a love that I deserved.
Creeping out late at night with his voice.
Ignoring phone calls when I was in the presence of his touch.
Not giving it a second thought that my adultery could crack this
happy home of mine built on a foundation of morals and values.
A woman's love is to be cherished and well I was feeling unappreciated.
I love you's were exchanged like life sentences
knowing that if I could get a sentence in
it wouldn't make any difference
because he had it set in his mind that I was not The One.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Man in the Mirror

Human Nature

I am speechless right now. The death of Michael Jackson was a moment that no one wanted to believe. I'm laying in bed thinking, "What would I be with the influence of Mike?" More importantly...what would the world be? He was such a music powerhouse and the biggest influence in pop history. Aside from all the controvery that surrounded his life, he was still phenomenal. What was the first video you remembered? Being an 80's baby, the first glimpse I had of MJ was in Thriller. Everybody remembers Thriller. I'm so sad knowing that the living legend has finally left us as king, and entered the kingdom. He will ALWAYS be missed and remembered by the masses. We love you, Mike.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Our love was written in the stars
galaxies stood between us but
not even light years could keep us apart
baby, The albedo of your shine
led me right to your heart
the ecliptic nature of your soul on this earth
led me to believe that you were shooting
for a way not to dim yourself too short
you are like arcturus
beautiful in color
and the brightest of your constellation
your illuminating presence filled
my supernova
if only for a second
love like the milky way
never ending and spectacular in display
I have wished upon a thousand
but none have made me feel this way


My heart and head are not in sync.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A smidget of a lil somethin, somethin

"We made love like the sun was on vacation and the moon was working overtime. Do not disturb was inscribed in the stars..."

-Me =)


It has been revealed to me that this is my last good-bye.
John, we must be facing this together because even
in your presence I am feeling solitude of the anguished.
This must be the beginning of the end,
and the beginning of the wishing of what I could have been.
We all make mistakes, my unconscious chose to dive into them,
floating on the surface of misfortune feeling like juggling
forgiveness and forgotteness was an excuse to swim out further.
This book of revelation didn't reveal to me in time
what was needed in order not to drown. So now I'm sinking.
Daniel, wake up. This is not a dream,
I am drowning before your eyes and all you can see is an angel.
I never got certified for my wings, aviation does not exist in the land of fallen angels and shattered souls, flight takes form in the burning ambers of the flames.
And now I'm wallowing in self-pity and drowning in what could be the last glimpse of me.
I, no longer, found myself swimming with the sharks,
beasts ruled the territory I invaded.
This Messiah Complex has left me questioning the simplicity of our actions.
In Chapter 6, the thundering gallops mark the barbaric cry of beasts
drowning out the sound of hellish screams and tainted tongues.
The conquest of this apocalypitc war has spread a contagious famine
of health, and the eternal death and damnation of self.
(to be continued)